Sunday, October 24, 2010

This is halloween..

I love halloween.  I always have and I think part of the reason is the cool crisp air with the scent of burning wood and whispering dry leaves scuttling along the ground joining you in the merriment of the day.

The other part is the candy.  Let's not lie to ourselves.

We are fortunate to be able to dress up for halloween at work in actual costumes.  I love it!  This year I'm going as a zombie slumber party girl.  I know weird, but my theme every year is someone who's dead or about as close to dead as you can get.  I think it sets the mood and makes everything more fun.  Work can be really mundane and why not take a day to just dress up crazy and ENJOY the holiday.  Don't overthink the occassion and make it something very simple yet fun.  I'm going to wear pajamas to work, whiten my face and put my hair in pigtails.  I guess I'll add some leaves to the hair and call it good.  Simple, yet fun. :)

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